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Disk 1 Consulting was founded in 1998 and has been support individuals as well as small to large companies ever since.

Disk 1 Consulting is dedicated to giving you the best computer service. Whether you are a large company or an individual, you and your computer(s) are a vital part of your life. We at Disk 1 Consulting understand this and believe that all due care should be taken to make both of you happy. With service plans and hourly rates that suit both your needs and your budget.

Today's world uses information at a rate that has exceeded all past generations combined. The expectation that information is readily available on the Internet is what is making and breaking some companies. Is yours one of them? How can you be sure? The return on investment of a corporate web site has been a restricting factor in the past. But with the assistance of Disk 1 Consulting, your company can have it's information available for the world to see and access in a matter of days. All at a cost you will be amazed that you can get for such a small investment.

How can Disk 1 Consulting manage all this at an affordable price? Our secret is that we have years of experience on the Internet and Web development. Our sites have earned numerous awards for content and design. The experience allows us to develop high-end web sites in a fraction of the time it takes other firms.

Computer training is a key component in the effective use of computers. Disk 1 Cosulting feels that having a computer on a desk is only the beginning of making the technology effective. Statistics show that most people use only 20% of the features available in today's applications. It is the remaining 80% that makes the technology an effective tool. Disk 1 Consulting has trained educators ready to assist you in developing the skills necessary to utilize the technology to it's fullest

Disk 1 Consulting knows your time is valuable! We conduct the majority of our business in the post-business hours freeing up you and your computer resources during your already busy work day. Whether it be computer support or computer training, we are happy to use the after work hours tom complete any necessary computer maintenance you need.

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